Why mc.arritia.com?

We are a server focused on community more than anything. Whether you are here to play survivial, minigames, or make new friends, we have options for just about everybody!

99% uptime

Incredibly fast server on premium hardware, makes for high-speed and lagless gameplay. Our Chicago-based host will allow all players from the United States and Canada to have low ping and less frustration.

Guaranteed fun

With countless things on the server for you to do, and a constant stream of updates and new features, it will be awhile before you run out of things to do.

We listen

If you have a problem, or any suggestions for the server, let us know!


Check back for updates!


Some notable features!

Grief Protection

If something happens to your stuff, let our staff know and we will fix it ASAP!
If you see someone breaking the rules, use the in-game /report feature! If you still need more help, contact us on the Discord server.


If you die in survival, all of your items will go into a locked chest for a certain amount of time (depending on rank)
Just shift + right click your chest to get everything back instantly!

Insane Sub Perks

Arritia subscribers have it made. Unlock a ton of new features and perks for only $5/month!
To learn more about subscriber perks, type /sub in-game!

Take it from our community!

We have a continually growing number of players each day, and a few active streamers who always keep us entertained.


Ryuichito, Most active player

"I literally have no idea how I've spent this much time on the server already..."

"I'm hooked."

Meet our staff!

Always active, always here to help, you can always count on them!

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Jordad is probably the nicest person you will meet, and literally the best server owner on the face of the planet. No, seriously, you will be surprised. And I'm not only saying that because I'm the one writing it :)

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Arritia is the kind of special you can only get from her. I don't know what it is. She's the one the server is built for. Honestly, you should follow her on Twitch, she's gonna be big one day. Arritia Big Gay.

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Hex is honestly one of the best mods an owner could ask for. If he isn't online, and you need help, he will be there faster than you can blink.

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If Ryu doesn't know it, Ryu learns it. You would be surprised if I told you how long he's been playing Minecraft for. You can always count on getting the help you need if you talk to Ryu!