Server Rules

⚠📜 Follow and Respect 📜⚠

1. Watch your language!
Seriously: No derogatory or racist messages of any kind on the server. We have active streamers on the server, and those words can get them banned. We don't want that!

This also inclues spamming chat, arguing with staff, and harrassing other players!
2. No griefing!
This includes destroying buildings that are'nt yours, and stealing from public chests or item frames! Everything is logged!
This includes exploits of any kind, clients, hacks, or mods.

If you see someone cheating or breaking the rules, use the in-game report feature by using:
/report [name] [reason] [optional link with image proof]
You can find the TOS at VIEW TOS
With or without warning, rules can and will change. This does not give you permission to argue with staff!